Kids at the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink

Children and families are given a warm welcome at the Royal Pavilion Ice Rink.

The smallest skate boot size available for children is 25 (age approx. 3-4 years old), however dual blades (‘bob skates’) are available for younger skaters.

Parents must judge whether their children can skate safely. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 or over) to the venue, and children under 8 must have an adult with them on the ice.

The largest skate boot is shoe size UK15 / European 49. A child must be under 12 years to qualify for the Junior ticket price.

The ice rink is obliged to limit the number of penguin skate aids on the ice, and these are only available to small children 1.2m tall or less at a cost of £5. Skate aids are available only to customers who have booked in advance, via the website.

Families with pre-school children are encouraged to skate in the second session of the day (11.15am – 12.15pm) during the week, when the rink is quieter and those learning to skate have more freedom on the ice.

The Royal Pavilion Ice Rink is an outdoor event and skating continues whatever the weather so please dress appropriately. If it’s raining, your group will get wet! As a general rule, we find our younger skaters are a hardy bunch who are too busy having fun to pay much attention to wintery weather but parents of young children may wish to bring a change of clothes for children during wet weather. Long coats, skirts and scarves should not be worn for visitor’s own safety. Please bear in mind, tickets are strictly non-transferrable and non-refundable. Once a ticket has been sold, the quota for that session is reduced so refunds will not be payable if visitors decide to cut short their session.